Masks Tom Banwell

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Tom Banwell engaged in the manufacture of masks for over 30 years.Even Tom has been involved with sculpture,painting,drawing,wood carvings,glass,helmets,and steampunk ambigrammami.

Crafts of Foam

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Household items, or souvenirs, which should be put on the shelf and from time to time to get rid of dust?Frankie Flood (Frankie Flood), an American professor, University Milwaukee, Wisconsin, specializes in creating devaysov of metal.In particular, special attention should be given his collection of knives for cutting pizza.It is they - not the gifts, not the pots and pans.

In the process of creating a collection of "biker" knife, however, like creating any other product, Frankie Flood (Frankie Flood) used the industrial processes of machining, stamping, anodizing, powder coating, and all that, it devays - the only of its kind.

Metal exclusive, thematic collection, a useful device ...Any of these definitions fit the knives Bike pizza cutters, made by Professor Frank.Well, if the knives to add another wheel, they turn into stylish sports motorcycles, that does not come out that the size and growth disappoint ...

Beautiful Bowls for true fans .

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Beautiful Bowls for true fans .

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