Flying car

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The U.S. has finally started production of a flying car Terrafugia Transition - hybrid small aircraft and cars.The device is equipped with wings that folded, he can go on the road.To take off enough for him to stretch their wings and to include aircraft engines.Flying cars already booked 70 people, making $ 10 thousand . When the model is available in retail stores, it will cost about $ 200 thousand

Kylie Minogue

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Katinka Herbert - a famous female photographer, whose work appears regularly in various publications.Her friends describe her as "obsessed with men in tight tights and masks."Katinka has spent the last eight years,traveling to Mexico, photographing Mexican Lucha Libre wrestlers.In her new book «SLAM» describes the life and work of the representatives of this unusual sport.

The art of eloquent silence

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The art of photography - the art of eloquent silence, in which the muteness plots and characters is more expressive than the loudest voice and passionate appeals.His language - plastic, the concepts in the broadest sense, plastic people, phone, staging, proportions, finally, the social space in general.Perhaps, in this sense, photography is close to the art of dance, ritual dance, with clear, precise movements and profound richness of each step or pose ...

World Cup2010 Best Photos

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