Surprising Corners of the Earth

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A surprising number - you just open your eyes and look around ...
Our planet is beautiful, each of its natural landscape in its own delightful and inimitable, but there are corners of the Earth very different from what we see every day with my own eyes ...

The mosaic pavement of the peninsula on the eponymous island of Tasmania (Australia).
Cracks forming "a bridge", appeared due to the strong strain of the crust. During low tide drying sea water forms salt crystals, which strongly destroy rocks "bottom" of rectangular pools, while sparing the cracks.

Trail giants (Ireland).
This amazing trail, formed 50-60 million years ago by volcanic activity.

Arizona Wave (USA).
This fantastic frozen waves formed as a result of water erosion. Age of the rocks forming this wave reaches 190 million years.

Dry Valley (Antarctica).
The valley is located just west of McMurdo Sound, Earth Viktoriya.Osadkov here falls so low that few visitors to local places formed an illusion visiting another planet.

Black Rock Desert (USA).
This mystical place is located in Nevada. Brightly colored in different colors geysers, dry riverbeds and gloomy cliffs make this place fantastic.

Cave of Crystals (Mexico).
In the cave of Cueva de los kristales (Cave of Crystals) are the largest in the world 11-meter crystals. These giant crystals formed over many thousands of years due to the unique microclimatic conditions of the cave. In this cave year-round temperature is maintained equal to 58 degrees.

Spotted lake (Canada).
Located in British Columbia. The most interesting is that throughout the year the lake changes color, but in the dry season form numerous pools of water, white, green and yellow colors.

White Desert (Egypt).
"Mushrooms" of white limestone in the White Desert in the west of Egypt, formed by erosion

Kaapadokiya (Turkey).
Landscape dotted with "flues" natural origin, rather unusual sight for the human eye.

"Bloody" Lake hot spring in Beppu (Japan).
The name of this lake, formed by thermal springs, with the Japanese is translated as "hell". This unusual color of the reservoir due to high iron content. Towering above the lake water vapor enhance the effect of unreality.

The Stone Forest in Yunnan Province (China).
This amazing "forest" occupies an area of 400 km. Retreating sea washed away soft rocks, leaving the "stone tree trunks" more solid rock.

Ice Cave Eisriesenwelt (Austria).
The largest ice cave in the world situated 40 km south of Salzburg.
The length of tunnels and rooms is 42 km. Frozen waterfall, streams, rivers, stalactites and stalagmites are a fantastic picture. The cave was created Salzach river, flows through cavities of rocks.

Cone of Tolbachik "(Russia).
These breakthroughs on the Kamchatka volcano Tolbachik resembling a Martian landscape, appeared in 1945. The place where the photo taken, is called "base Lunohodchik. It is here that experienced Soviet lunar rover.

Desert, Namib (Namibia).
The coastal desert in the south-western part of Africa. Extremely dry (only 10-13 mm of rain a year) and, except for a few coastal cities, virtually uninhabited. It is considered the oldest desert in the world - it was formed in the time of the dinosaurs.

Geyser Strokkur "(Iceland).
The first known mention of it date from 1294 year. Unfortunately, this geyser albeit powerful - the height of the jet can reach sixty feet, but "lazy": he "wakes up" after the next earthquake, and then gradually siltation and "sleep". The last time he woke up in 2000, now back asleep.

Revised house

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The house is made of entirely recycled materials. That is, from the debris.

Scary trucks around the world

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