Before you exhibits of the British Museum: "Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World." A total of 200 works exhibited show long-lost ancient treasures found in the Tilla-Tepe, which is called the "golden hill".

1.Pendant made of gold, turquoise, garnet, lapis lazuli, carnelian and pearls depicting Dragon Lord. Elaborate ornament depicts a man in a tunic and loose trousers, typical of the nomad.He holds two dragon-like creature for the front paws.Mythical scene of the ancient Persian and Siberian art, denoting power and invincibility
2.Golden Crown.She was found in a grave high-level Nomad.Its basis - tiara, decorated with flowers. Centers of the flowers were once inlaid with turquoise.On the upper branches of four of the five Trees of Life are sitting golden birds.Found at Tilla-Tepe, the age of 1c.BC 
3.Statuette of a woman from ivory, standing on Makar, possibly furniture decoration. Bagram, 1-2nd century. 
4.A pair of bracelets of turquoise and gold.They are separated by lion heads.Found in a burial ground № 4 Tilla-Tepe, the age of 1c. BC 
5.Buckle made of gold and turquoise.It shows Dionysus and Ariadne.Found in a burial ground № 4 Tilla-Tepe, the age of 1c.. BC
6.Buckles from shoes of gold, turquoise and carnelian.They depict a chariot drawn by dragons.Found in a burial ground № 4 Tilla-Tepe, the age of 1c. . BC 
7.Gold buckle, which depicts two warriors.Found in a burial ground № 3 Tilla-Tepe, age 1vek BC 1vek AD
8.Painted glass cup from Bagram.It depicts scenes of the harvest, 1-2 Century AD
9.Limestone chapiter of Ai-Khanum.Corinthian style, age to 145 BC
10. Bowl for the ceremonies, which depicts the goddess Cybele of gilded silver.Ai-Khanum, Temple with niches compliant ", the beginning of 3c. BC
11.Golden bowl fragment, which depicts two bearded bull. Tepe Fullol, 2200-1900 gg BC

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